GSX1100S [R/Y] (GU76A)

Model Frame No.
GSX1100SR GU76A-100001-
GSX1100SY GU76A-102206-


Model Frame No.
GSX1100SAE GS110X-101404-
GSX1100SBE GS110X-101404-
GSX1100SL GS110X-101841-
GSX1100SSL GS110X-104218-

How to Purchase

  1. Please check the model name or frame number and check the corresponding model
  2. Next, click the applicable model button to choose between domestic or overseas model.
  3. Please select the target part from the engine e.g. transmission, electrical equipment, car body and etc.
  4. Confirm the required part number from the exploded view and click (When you hold the mouse cursor over the number, you can check the part’s name)
  5. All parts corresponding to the part in the figure are highlighted in the list, so please check the contents and click the purchase or buy button.
  6. Since the page will redirect you to the Unicorn Japan Online Store, please click on the “Add to Cart” button and proceed to the order delivery procedure (※ online store member registration is required before order confirmation).

    When purchasing multiple parts, please use the “return” button of the browser or the “purchase genuine parts” button on the upper right of the online store screen for the genuine parts page and the online store to go back and forth (please use the button “Continue shopping”).

  7. Customers who have a parts list can purchase easily by directly entering part numbers on the product search form of the Unicorn Japan Online Store.


About return or exchange

With regards to genuine parts, we do not honor any returns or exchanges for any other reason other than defective goods. Please be careful that there are no mistakes such as vehicle model, part number and so on.

About inferior goods

Although genuine parts have been shipped by manufacturer’s shipping standards, there are errors in the assembling accuracy and appearance state due to negligence in production. Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with the apperance of our product/s, we can only arrange exchanges for parts of equivalent quality. With regards to defective original parts, we do not accept exchange or return except when there are serious problems with the assembly or appearance.

About integration of part numbers and change to alternative part number

With our original parts, there are changes with the combination and substitution part numbers and the like from time to time. This is especially true for older vehicles and there are even cases where parts that have become out of stock were replaced by other usable parts. Furthermore, the prices for certain parts may change depending on cost reduction or improvement. With regards to the parts that have been changed, the manufacturer guarantees it so you can use it without any problems. However, the appearance may differ from the original parts. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

We will not able to answer any questions about part specifications and such. Thank you for understanding.

Other notes

Availability of items may vary. There may be cases of back order and/or obsolete items. In the case of back orders, it may take time to prepare the product. Also, in the case of discontinued products, we can not do anything other than payment refund. Please note.

Membership online store

Since our company’s genuine parts selling price is set based on management cost, it may be more expensive compared to general distribution price. Please understand in advance.

※Our online store is accessed through a membership system and it is important to sign up and be a member in order to purchase all products. We encourage everyone to purchase only genuine parts.

Membership will include subscription of our e-mail magazine.