For Overseas Customers

This time we, Unicorn JAPAN, started an online mail order
for overseas KATANA fans could purchase the parts of KATANA.

We would like to build this up together by gathering the hope and the opinion of the parts
which wish to obtain from fans, not only we place products chosen by us in the site and let the customer purchase them.
Therefore, we are glad to hear from you and please let us know your opinions and your request.

Such as starting, we apologize if a delivery takes a time; may trouble it, but please understand it.
Starting a mail order site and we are planning the presents such as parts catalog,
the Japanese flag unicorn sticker and sword original book and so on.

Unicorn JAPAN reached the 30th anniversary last year and made a market mainly in Japan until now.
We regard this year of the 31st year as the age of a new stage.
Our earnest wish, we would like to open activity to be connected to the overseas KATANA fans.

It is the last, we heartily appreciate the people who cooperated us till now.

please contact us if you have some pats you want!!